There is a fine yet tensile thread that links each work to the other, the present one growing out of the previous one.

Wood, x-rays, leather and tree branches wrapped with paper are transformed into metaphors for fragility, impermanence and temporality.

The excavation / dig

layers beneath the crust

Inside the serpentine shafts

a sibylline murmur

And then the compulsive

sifting through the spoors.

It is in hindsight that I perceive my work as an ongoing process, an attempt to plumb the depths of that  â€œprimordial slime from which life first emerged,”  and  to reveal to myself again and again, through work after work,  the site of my own origin.

– Margaret L. Chen


2005      Silver Musgrave Medal for distinction in Sculpture & Art Education, from the Institute of Jamaica.

2002      Art residency (Reed Found. Fellowship) Vermont Studio Centre, Vt.

2000      Art residency at the Bemis Centre for Contemporary Art, NE.,U.S.A.


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